Samsung’s SmartThings smart home hub has been down since yesterday for some users

SmartThings, the Samsung-owned home platform, has been down for nearly a full day, which is frustrating for those who have smart home appliances that rely on the service.

The platform has just issued an announcement: “The issues impacting North American users have been largely addressed and we are seeing improvements to app loading and device control. Our teams are continuing to work on restoring full functionality and will provide an update when available.”

At 2PM ET yesterday, SmartThings first acknowledged the outage. Today, SmartThings issued a statement through Twitter, saying the investigation is ongoing.

Many customers have expressed their anger and frustration, especially at the hours-gap between updates on the Status page. Due to the outage, things like Philips Hue light bulbs have stopped working. One customer noted that his Leviton Universal Dimmer still worked, but he needed to get up to manually push the button, just like, any regular non-smart light switch.

We’ve reached out to Samsung and SmartThings support for comment and within minutes after we contacted them, SmartThings updated its status page.

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