Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond’s new hotel booked up for six months in 30 minutes

The Pioneer Woman is officially a hotelier.

The Pioneer Woman is officially a hotelier.


The Pioneer Woman’s new hotel in Pawhuska, Okla. has officially opened for business — and has already sold out for the next six months.

On April 5, Food Network star Ree Drummond launched the website for her “cowboy luxury” inn, The Boarding House, and fans guzzled up reservations like hot cakes.

The Boarding House is open! Ladd and I renovated an old building down the street from @pwmercantile and it’s now an 8-room hotel. It has been such a fun project from start to finish (well…some days more fun than others, ha!) and we’re so excited to be welcoming our first guests. Our website is live ( and you can browse the different rooms and see the details of the special experience we hope to give every single person who stays here. We would love to see ya in Pawhuska!

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A representative for Drummond confirmed to People that the reservations for the lifestyle guru’s eight-room hotel sold out for the next six months in the first 30 minutes the website was live.

The Butterfly Room at @pwboardinghouse. I want to move here. But I shan’t! It’s for guests. Reservations open soon! (I recommend the Butterfly Room…but I’m biased.) Happy Tuesday! ?

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(I guess I apparently like green or something? ?) The Boarding House is just about ready for guests! Reservations will open up sometime next week, right after I decide whether or not I’m going to move into this bathroom for the rest of my life. Ladd can have the bathtub, I’ll sleep in the shower! It could work…

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Barn-style bathroom door (in The Tack Room.) We’re right on track! (Get it? Ha.)

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According to the outlet, all the rooms in The Boarding House are taken through September and October, although there are a few spots left in the colder months.

Booking past March 31, 2019 will be available soon, the website states.

Anxious fans eager to catch a glimpse of Drummond’s signature Southern style need not fret, however, as the mother of four has already shared plenty of photos to The Boarding House’s Instagram, which already boasts 12,000 followers.

Wanted to share another restoration project we’ve been working on in our small town. I’ll show you more as it progresses, but meantime, scroll to the end of these photos and check out what we found under the plaster this week. Love it when hidden pieces of history get to come out and play again.

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Even though the celebrity chef had previously teased plans for spaces ‒ including the Butterfly Room, Drugstore Room and Tack Room ‒ she’s surprised fans with additional rooms such as the Photograph Room, Emerald Room, Ranch Room, Prairie Room and the Boudoir.

Chuck, Ree’s father-in-law, toured The B.H. today for the first time. He wants to move in! (This is The Tack Room.)

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Drummond announced her plans to renovate the three-story building next to The Mercantile, her restaurant, bakery, general store and deli, back in September. 

The cozy hotel is sure to be a hotspot. Drummond once revealed The Mercantile averages around 6,000 customers a day, in a town that’s home to just 3,500 people.

As she readies preparations for her first flock of guests, Drummond says her real work has just begun. Months back, she wrote on her blog that her husband, Ladd, did most of the muscle work for the renovation. 

“I have had almost zero to do with it, aside from an occasional ‘Oooooh, neato!’” she wrote. “The helpfulness of my contributions cannot be underestimated.”


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